On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 7:06 AM, Terry Brown <terrynbr...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > - Assume devs and users will want to change css nodes *first*.
> I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this point.

​I'm not willing to concede this yet.

> Most apps.,
> ​ ​
> when the user wants to change a font size, presents the user with a
> number to change.  Requiring instead that they edit a headline that
> looks like this:
>   @string font-size = 12pt
> is already making Leo less friendly to non-coders.  Requiring that they
> edit CSS without messing up the syntax is even more coder centric.  And
> I know you can just copy by example for the syntax, but it's amazing how
> hard people seem to find that.

​This is a completely separate issue.  I am talking about creating
understandable style sheets in the present environment.​

Maybe fonts are a poor example because they're the one case where you
> accept settings are needed, but it's true of whatever - colors - most
> apps. off a color dialog, but Leo wants you to edit CSS and understand
> color naming?  Actually I think Leo can offer a color dialog for
> editing color settings, not sure.  Again, settings being simpler, *for
> the user*, than CSS.

​I agree that user commands are a good thing.  That's why, for example, we
have the zoom commands and support for Ctrl-wheel zooming.

> Finally if two level settings are annoying while developing a theme, it
> would be easy to write a command to dereference the selected text in
> the log, so you can see what it is.

​It's even better not to have to do that, as my recent example show.

My summary of the present situation:

1. The new design rules will simplify creation of style sheets.
2. The new Themes menu will allow user's to change themes more easily.
3. Changing font sizes on the fly is easy enough now, though a bit of an
Easter Egg.
4. Changing default font sizes uses Leo's standard settings mechanism.
Making that even easier is possible.  The code that disables tool-tips
shows how to do this from the gui.


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