On Tue, 6 Mar 2018 07:24:42 -0600
"Edward K. Ream" <edream...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > is already making Leo less friendly to non-coders.  Requiring that
> > they edit CSS without messing up the syntax is even more coder
> > centric.  And I know you can just copy by example for the syntax,
> > but it's amazing how hard people seem to find that.
> ​This is a completely separate issue.  I am talking about creating
> understandable style sheets in the present environment.​

Well maybe we're not talking about the same thing.  To me, two level
setting based stylesheets are needed if the user is to be able to tweak
themes by changing settings.  I want them to be able to see a setting
   @color theme_highlight_fg = @solarized-orange
and change it to
   @color theme_highlight_fg = black

it makes no sense to change

   @color solarized-orange = #ffaa22
   @color solarized-orange = black

partly because defining orange as black is just weird, but more because
it's bound to have broader effects than intended.

Cheers -Terry

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