On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 07:27:16PM +0200, Adir Abraham wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Nadav Har'El wrote:
> > Maybe I'm out-of-line questioning this decision (since I won't be there to
> > help, most likely), but why the 234120 favoritism? Why do EE students
> The idea in the first place (Muli - please correct me if I am wrong), to
> make the course for CS OS course. I actually pushed it ahead and told them
> that also other students should arrive, if we already make such a thing.
> It has nothing to do with discrimination here. Nobody said that CS is
> "better" (hey, I take EE's course).

The party is organized and is taking place for the benefit of the
234120 students, which will *have* to use Linux for their
homework. Therefore, it makes a certain sense to give them
priority. However, I don't like complex algorithms, and I'm in favor
of the "you register in advance -> you get installed, you don't ->
we'll install if there'll be time". Anyone, not just 234120 students
can register! I do hope 234120 students will be *strongly* encouraged
to register. 

It is true that except for the staff of 234120, the rest of us are
volunteering to help with this. That's why the installation party is
open to everyone. 
Muli Ben-Yehuda

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