OK, we *will* have CDs at the party. That means there is *no* need to
install everything. Meir - can you create a package-selection floppy with
all needed packages (and only them)?


On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, DRYICE wrote:

> None of them need everything, I think I can tell
> very easily what they need. they need all of
> the development. and they need a Window
> managers(most windows users prefer KDE) and they
> need various network clients but only the vary
> basic servers, basicly ssh, not too much more
> than that.
> obvoulsly you give'em more than they NEED, but
> if I previously thought we have no chance in hell
> to get the installations done on time, when we
> lack CD's lack installers, and lack motivation.
> This ludicress plan of installing everything will
> just slow us down.
> Meir

> not to mention the fact 4GB+ of data and say 500MB
> swap and at least 500MB more to work in, is a lot
> of disk space for most people nowadays.
> Many people want to install linux on their non primary
> computer, or at least on the old hard drive
> or simply on the free space you cleared up.
> Some people may have the space but think this is
> to heavy. In addition I fear it may send a wrong
> message, when I am asked how much disk space linux
> takes, I first answer how small can the real thing
> be, and than I say how many extra stuff come with
> your friendly distro. As apposed to saying, stndard
> installation is 4GB but you can cut stuf out later.

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