None of them need everything, I think I can tell
very easily what they need. they need all of 
the development. and they need a Window 
managers(most windows users prefer KDE) and they
need various network clients but only the vary
basic servers, basicly ssh, not too much more
than that.
obvoulsly you give'em more than they NEED, but
if I previously thought we have no chance in hell
to get the installations done on time, when we 
lack CD's lack installers, and lack motivation.
This ludicress plan of installing everything will 
just slow us down.


not to mention the fact 4GB+ of data and say 500MB
swap and at least 500MB more to work in, is a lot
of disk space for most people nowadays. 

Many people want to install linux on their non primary
computer, or at least on the old hard drive
or simply on the free space you cleared up.

Some people may have the space but think this is
to heavy. In addition I fear it may send a wrong 
message, when I am asked how much disk space linux 
takes, I first answer how small can the real thing
be, and than I say how many extra stuff come with
your friendly distro. As apposed to saying, stndard
installation is 4GB but you can cut stuf out later.

>On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Alon Altman wrote:
>>   NO! You will never manage to install quickly enough
if you install
>> everything.  It's better to copy 'em the ISOs than
to install everything.
>> You'll have such a long queue that no use will come,
and people will be
>> stuck with too many junk, and delete Linux altogether
after the OS course.
>You will have to install everything for them, so they
will be able to play
>with it (by all meanings) immidiately, so no ISOs will
be burnt to them.
>Also Erez prefers it this way, so they will have all
the tools they need, and
>more. As for the long queue - I am not worried.
>And as for removing Linux after the course - it's up
to them. I promise
>you that this is not going to be the thing that will
make them to remove
>it. They still can use Linux in the farms, and check
if it's suitable to
>them. Every one according to his desire and opinion.

>>   I suggest buying CDs. If Actcom can't, than maybe
TCC/CS might burn and
>> sell these CDs to students, for example in the secretary.
Or, we could buy
>> these CDs and sell 'em at the party and later.
>I doubt that TCC will burn. Talk with the operation
department there,
>downstairs. If they can help us, it can ease the work.

>If you want to buy 200 CDs in advance and you have the
money for it - go
>for it. Nobody can assure you that even one CD will
be sold.
>>   Alon

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