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>>  Andrew Bowman wrote:
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>>  > > Timing in London is hard, because there aren't very many hotels
>>  > > capable of supporting such an event.  It's quite amazing to us, in
>>  > > fact, how difficult it has been to find a place to hold it in London.
>>  >
>>  > What sort of numbers are we talking about then?
>>  >
>>  > If you're prepared to consider locations a little out of central London
>>  > there are lots of large hotels around Heathrow that have 
>>sizeable conference
>>  > type facilities (also handy for the airport!).
>>  What about Brighton ;-)
>potential london clients will be put off dealing with a company not in london
Seeing as this was about TPC, interesting subject change :-)

The obvious answer to this is "depends where your customers are". 
Being out side London works for my friend Nik, but then he's 
targetting customers to the south of London and along the South 
Coast. Customers in Central London would definitely prefer a 
consultancy so located.

>i was thinking about consultancies, and there are really two types and
>two types of person who want to be create each type. and those two types
>can be summarised as the two Steves, the question is what are people trying
>to do - create a Jobs or a Wozniak consultancy?
Interesting question. I have both men to thank for an awful lot (the 
Apple II got me into computing, the mac is by far my most favourite 
machine) and whilst I would quite like to meet both, Woz is 
definitely the man I identify with most.

Neil C. Ford

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