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> > > From: "Nathan Torkington" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > > > Timing in London is hard, because there aren't very many hotels
> > > > capable of supporting such an event.  It's quite amazing to us, in
> > > > fact, how difficult it has been to find a place to hold it in London.
> > >
> > > What sort of numbers are we talking about then?
> > >
> > > If you're prepared to consider locations a little out of central London
> > > there are lots of large hotels around Heathrow that have sizeable conference
> > > type facilities (also handy for the airport!).
> >
> > What about Brighton ;-)
> >
> potential london clients will be put off dealing with a company not in london

Have you heard of Victoria Real - the people behind amonst other things
big browers website ?

I think Location in this day an age is a little irrelivant.  The choice
will be made on quality of service - not where the office is based. 
Although I agree that some people may be a little biased.

The south coast has a very high number of nu media companies - and
apparently Worthing is the most profitable town / area in the UK.

It is often easier to get to some London Locations from Brighton than it
is from London.

> i was thinking about consultancies, and there are really two types and
> two types of person who want to be create each type. and those two types
> can be summarised as the two Steves, the question is what are people trying
> to do - create a Jobs or a Wozniak consultancy?

You've lost me there ?

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