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> My only install of solaris has been on a 486, but IIRC you get a decent
> amount of flexibility over what does, and does not, go in.

As you do on most modern UNIX-like systems RedHat included..
> It's been a while since I BSD'd much, but I definately remember installing
> binary packages for many things on OpenBSD.

Ports (extra userland programs maintained by the team) are available
as binary packages (eg. something like emacs).

The base OS, and this includes perl and sendmail, isn't under under
binary package control but is installed from binary tars (or via make
and a CVS src tree if you are brave).

On RedHat I can do something like 'rpm -e sendmail' to clean up before
installing qmail and, alas, I can't do this on OpenBSD (although there
has been talk of extending the binary packages to include the base

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