> s /some dodgy PC desktop with Redhat stuck on it by a hobbyist who has
> never used another UNIX/inexperienced/;
> Lets not compare inexperience with anyparticular flavour of *nix.
> Greg
> Who started on Redhat along time ago, and has since used and initially
> disliked Solaris/Sun OS, but has since softened as is happy to work on
> any *nix.
I have used Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, Linux, OSF/1 and from the point of
general administration (setting up users, printers, changing kernel
parameters, monitoring processes, creating filesystems, mounting volumes,
etc) can find no real difference between them. They all have their minor
quirks, and you need to bugger about in the man pages to find the right
switches sometimes, and sometimes you type smit, others sam or linuxconf or

A PC hobbyist however will probably be less experienced in most of the tasks
above. They will not generally have multiple volumes/printers/users and
won't have to cope with the demand on resources that this creates.

Sorry, what was my point going to be again...


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