This is really sysadminy stuff and probably off topic but here I go:-

Michael Stevens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Isn't kickstart a solaris thing, or have redhat developed new stuff
> I didn't know about?

Kickstart is RedHat

Jumpstart is Solaris
Both are automated install procedures.

> If it is just a solaris thing, I was holding up solaris boxes as being
> GOOD because they don't come with much stuff installed. For servers,
> I see this as a desirable feature.

Whatever system I use (linux or solaris) I find they come with far too
much stuff installed.  Solaris is a bad offender as well with Thai X
Windows fonts and that CDE junk as well.  No I don't want power
management or true-type fonts on a server thank you Mr Joy.

Any system, irrespective of OS or distribution, I tend to totally
strip down out of all junk.  Binary package managers [1] tend to help a
lot with this (yes RPM can be good especially the -e flag). 

This is what the Hells Angels did with their Harleys, strip them
("chop") down the bare essentials before starting work.

I then customise them by installing all the real GNU programs (and
checking all the configuration options before building) you need like
emacs, rcs, gcc, perl etc (and the DJB stuff) under /usr/local and
killing that evil inetd program (a nice simple way of securing your

If you follow this then you should be able to make a useable UNIX
system from any system (maybe even SCO if you were that insane).

[1] My main gripe with *BSD is lack of binary package management

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