On Thu, 07 Jun 2001, Dominic Mitchell wrote:

> I tried looking up developer docs for the clie on the web, but there's a
> a dearth of information about it, and what there is is protected by
> sony's restrictive licensing.  It's a real shame, I wanted to add jog
> dial support to a doc reader, but I'm probably not going to be able to
> now.  :-(
> Sony: Lovely kit, crap support.

their Memory Stick is a closed book. bastards. they only release
documentation to their partners after big bucks licences .. so any chance
of seeing memory stick support natively under linux is probably going to
be from someone with a copy of IDA pro and Softice reversing the windoze

I just dont get why they wont release specs .. surel;y the plan is to
sell as many memory sticks as possible? ..or hav I missed someting?

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