Matthew Byng-Maddick wrote:
> It is possible to write embedded perl templates well, but a
> lot more difficult than if they are separated out.

How does non-embedded Perl look like, then?

Is Perl the outside layer and basically does '#include "navbar.html"' at
certain points?

Or is HTML the outside layer and does something like <% require
""; &read; %>?

Or what does it look like if they're *not* in the same file?

I have next to no experience with separated code and data (yes, my SQL
statements are also in my Perl source files); I've written toy CGI scripts
(HTML embedded in Perl) and my day job at the moment includes StoryServer
(Tcl embedded in HTML), so I don't think I have much idea of how something
else would work.

Explanations welcome.

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