I started out using TRS-DOS in the 80s and have been on all operating
systems over the years. ;-)

I'm primarily a Windows user today, because of the work culture and the
hardware I have (Surface Pro). But I've always believed that any kind of
dogma regarding the "best flavor" of IT is dangerous because, well, it's
ephemeral. Even if you're right today...

That said, LyX under Ubuntu seems less flexible than under Windows, since
it's not using MikTeX but TeXLive. As such, when a new package or something
is needed, it can't install it on the fly. Perhaps I missed something about
my Ubuntu install?



On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 3:15 PM, Jim Rockford <jim.rockfo...@gmail.com>

> People are still taunting about this like schoolyard infants?  Well,
> here's a few reasons for you that apply to my case, Johnny boy:
> (1)  I work in a scientific field and a specific laboratory that uses data
> analysis software for which there are only Windows versions.  I used Linux
> exclusively prior to joining this lab.  I'd rather not quit this job
> because of a Linux snobbery affliction.
> (2)  Gaming.  I have a Windows machine at home because I like to play
> modern video games.  Good luck trying to get them to run on WINE, which is
> a cheat anyway if you're a Linux purist.
> (3)  There's nothing wrong with having a dual boot Windows/Linux system
> for the sake of convenience.  I'm not going to waste time booting into
> Linux just to write scientific documents if I'm already in Windows.
> Jim
> On Sat, May 12, 2018 at 11:03 PM, John White <j...@whitelawchartered.com>
> wrote:
>> Why are people still using Windows?  My firm gets along without Gates
>> just fine.
>> John White

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