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Baris Erkus <bariser...@hotmail.com> wrote:

> On 13-May-18 3:16 PM, Bernt Lie wrote:
> 1: I agree, and I didn't say so. Essentially, my point is that
> developers can not do that without compromising its OS agnostics. For
> various reasons, I use Windows myself. And I have full respect for
> others making different choices. I don't think the LyX list should be
> used for negative description of OSes not used by oneself.
> 2: I see the point. If there are no negative side effects of
> upgrading to the latest version of MikTeX, I'd do the following:
> * Put in a LyX 2.3.0 installation link.
> * Start by checking if the latest MikTeX version is installed. If
> yes, proceed and install LyX 2.3.0
> * If not, explain why, and point to a link (youtube, or whatever) on
> how the user can upgrade MikTeX and say "retry after you have
> upgraded MikTeX".
> Maybe a solution?
> B

Your plan outlined in point #2 above seems like a great idea to me.
Disclaimer: I don't use Windows, so I might not know the full extent of
the problem.


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