A slight update on my indicated procedure in #2: I am, of course, no developer 
and no computer scientist. So let me indicate some understanding also for 
decisions made on things I don't understand.

Suppose... updating MikTeX leads to the following:
* the latest MikTeX is not backwards compatible, i.e., documents that used to 
work stop working -- that would be a pain for the guy who provides the Windows 
* installing the latest MikTeX leads to wiping out currently installed 
templates, etc. for journals, conferences, etc., so that these must be 
reinstalled -- probably something that some people would find a pain, and bitch 
* installing the latest MikTeX has proved to be problematic for some versions 
of Windows (e.g., some users tend to prefer Windows 7 and refuse to update to 
Windows 10, etc., etc.).

In summary: I understand some caution if the guy who provides the Windows 
installation may come in a situation that makes many users "mad". That is never 
a good situation.

However, if there are no problems, for me it would be perfectly fine if the 
installation procedure checked the current installation of MikTeX, and if I 
didn't have the correct one installed, simply informed me:

* "LyX v. 2.3.0 requires the latest installation of MikTeX. You have not 
installed the latest version on your computer, and the installation is 
therefore terminated.

If you want to upgrade to LyX v. 2.3.0, please follow the procedure at www..... 
and first upgrade MikTeX to the latest version. NOTE: if you choose to upgrade 
MikTeX, and there are some problems with MikTeX on your computer, you do this 
on your own responsibility."

Or something to that effect...


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> On 13-May-18 3:16 PM, Bernt Lie wrote:
> 1: I agree, and I didn't say so. Essentially, my point is that 
> developers can not do that without compromising its OS agnostics. For 
> various reasons, I use Windows myself. And I have full respect for 
> others making different choices. I don't think the LyX list should be 
> used for negative description of OSes not used by oneself.
> 2: I see the point. If there are no negative side effects of upgrading 
> to the latest version of MikTeX, I'd do the following:
> * Put in a LyX 2.3.0 installation link.
> * Start by checking if the latest MikTeX version is installed. If yes, 
> proceed and install LyX 2.3.0
> * If not, explain why, and point to a link (youtube, or whatever) on 
> how the user can upgrade MikTeX and say "retry after you have upgraded 
> MikTeX".
> Maybe a solution?
> B

Your plan outlined in point #2 above seems like a great idea to me.
Disclaimer: I don't use Windows, so I might not know the full extent of the 


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