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Steve Litt <sl...@troubleshooters.com> wrote:

Hello from Croatia and thank you for very informative and inspiring thread?

> LibreOffice is just fine if you don't use styles, but who would not
> use styles when working with a large document?
> Working with LibreOffice reminds me of programming with gotos: It's
> easy and obvious, but as the things scale, at a certain point it
> collapses under its own weight.

Yes, I agree that LO could be appropriate for short & quick documents, but for
everything larger LyX/LateX are more suitable for the task...

Now, I'm curious if anyone tried to explore ConTeXt
(https://wiki.contextgarden.net) which is (more) monolithic in comparison with
LaTeX resulting in no clashes between different packages?

Yes, there is probably steep(er) learning curve, but in the long run?

(It would be great if LyX could handle ConteXt format, but I'm aware that LaTeX
market is huge in comparison...)



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