Virgil Arrington informed me regarding: RE: LibreOffice to LyX
        on Mon, 4 Oct 2021 12:55:34 +0000

> But, I usually find myself getting very frustrated when I want to
> change some design detail. It often requires a Google search to learn
> the right LaTeX command to achieve the change I want. After spending
> hours trying to achieve a certain result and editing preamble and/or
> LaTeX code, I often find I just give up and move it all to LO Impress
> just to get the job done.

        Replied thus:

        Than you for that. 

        However, if I read this correctly Beamer is fine, even good.
        However, your problem stated above, seems to be that you have to
        do a lot of searching, reading and learning to get it to do
        more than what is standard and easy?

Isn't that what you have to do if you want any system or program to
work the way you want? Isn't that what FOSS is all about?

Just a thought, no more.


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