On 10/5/2021 6:07 PM, Charlie wrote:
Nor can I say sticking with all the eggs in one program basket is
necessarily a good thing. But someone once said, "Linux, the lifetime
learning experience" In my autumn years; believe this to be correct,
and find it keeps my mind active.

I began using computers in 1985, and I naively believed I could find the perfect software for all my needs. Now, some 36 years later, I'm still searching and, like you, still learning.

As an aside: Retired? I was never as busy, nor learned more, before I
was retired.

Amen to that!

Thank you both again.

My pleasure.


p.s., I love the international scope of this list. I'm in Georgia in the good ol' USofA, Dr. E.L. appears to be in Africa, and I take it you're in Australia. Absolutely wonderful.

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