Virgil Arrington said on Mon, 4 Oct 2021 12:55:34 +0000

>On the flip side, I have had to learn that LO Impress doesn’t like
>having slide formats changed *after* the presentation substance has
>been composed. While my styles haven’t suddenly changed on me, I have
>learned that changes made to Impress master slides do not always get
>to all slides in a presentation. Through painful experience, I have
>learned that, if I ever make any direct changes to a particular
>slide’s format, it seems to disassociate that slide from the master
>slide. So, after hours of composing and wrestling with Impress’s
>master slides trying to get it all to behave, I find I often just give
>up and move it all to LyX/Beamer just to get the job done.

Yes, I seem to remember that part of my problem was different styles
had different appearances on different slides, which is bizarre,
because the entire purpose of styles is to keep appearances consistent
throughout the whole document.

>And in those cases where my slide design needs are particularly
>simple, I run to Rstudio and Slidy to create a quick and dirty (and
>well behaved) slide presentation.

I'll check out Rstudio and Slidy. Thanks!


> Sometimes it’s LyX, sometimes it’s LibreOffice and sometimes
>it’s RMarkdown.

Speaking of Markdown (in general), in theory I have a process stack
that can add custom styles to Markdown (or Asciidoc if the programs are
written differently). This brings the real possibility of writing
fairly simple books in Markdown, which would be fast as a bat out of

If there's a markdown to slide conversion, my stack could also be used
to create slides with styles.

In theory, I think Beamer is best for slides, but sometimes Beamer can
get difficult.


Steve Litt 
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