where is the missing link :-)-O?

This is great news.

I am actually waiting for 2.4 and DocBook to convert my 859
page "handbook" to EPUB so my staff and I can carry it around on our
Kindles (App on iPad actually).

But, I would be very keen to see how your package works.

My little handbook doesn't really need anything fancier than a few
images (JPG, PNG and PDF).

I also use (in one (common) "include.tex") something like


but if that (see your below remark) were not to work I can address that
via a Makefile and different include (front matter) files as you seem to
be doing.

Maybe you can look into that, because then you can have a single include
file by putting something like this into a Makefile

         @perl -i -p \
                  -e 's/\\boolfalse\{business\}/\\booltrue\{business\}/g;' \
                  -e 's/\\booltrue\{private\}/\\boolfalse\{private\}/g;' \
         @lyx -f -e pdf5 handbook.lyx

         @perl -i -p \
                  -e 's/\\booltrue\{business\}/\\boolfalse\{business\}/g;' \
                  -e 's/\\boolfalse\{private\}/\\booltrue\{private\}/g;' \
         @lyx -f -e pdf5 handbook.lyx

and then use something like


as ERT.

Looks complicated, is complicated, but once it works no further
touching required.

In the meantime I have pulled


and will start some RTFM :-)-O

greetings, el

On 03/03/2022 00:58, Ken Kopelson via lyx-users wrote:
Hello LyX users,

I am sending this email to let people know that I have produced a
converter for LyX that produces an excellent quality EPUB/Kindle file.
I love using LyX with the LyXBook theme (as it has the greatest number
of paragraph formats), and I am able to set up a system of files,
having different Front Matter versions.
I know that the next version of LyX is supposed to produce EPUB,
As one final problem, the LyXHTML export fails to include anything in
the LaTeK code blocks,
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