Since it such a schlepp, why don't you participate in the development or
support the developers?

Never mind that LyX seems to predate the Kindle, this is a LaTeX issue
rather than a LyX one (which, after all, just a front end).

As written numerous times I am very keen on on the new DocBook format
but since I use LyX in production in my practice, I can't use two
different formats, and my staff can't cope with alpha software.

So patience is a virtue on the one hand but trying out stuff like this
is interesting.


On 2022-03-06 04:09 , Steve Litt via lyx-users wrote:
Hi Ken,

I suggest you put it out.  The LyX project has a 15 year history of
outputting pidgeon HTML incapable of building a *semantic* ePub,
claiming what they've done is good enough, and treating with hostility
my observations that they're prematurely converting style to

The LyX project is the wrong project to do LyX=>ePub; ePub isn't in
their DNA, and until I'm shown otherwise, I'm treating any LyX=>ePub
capabilities from the LyX project as vaporware.

Where can I download your converter with instructions?



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