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> When I have contacted Alex last year when I was converting my book, I
> have understood that he is not continuing to work on this project
> anymore. Fortunately, ElyXer continues to be functional with LyX. But I
> have met some quirks during the translation. I had to correct them by
> custom scripts that I execute ex-post, after the first conversion. It
> is a pity because Elyxer continues to give the most beautiful output to
> my taste. For example, math is beautifully converted using Mathjax.

elyxer was last updated at the time LyX 2.1.n was the stable release,
hence it fails with features in the lyx file format that are more recent.

I was able to fix some/most issues by adapting the settings:

In Tools>Settings>File Handling>Converter I set up a converter

from: LyX 2.1.x
to:   HTML (elyxer)
converter: elyxer --nofooter --html --directory $$r $$i $$o

Now, file>export>HTML (elyxer) uses the route LyX > LyX 2.1.x > HTML

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