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On 2022-03-07 04:35 , Ken Kopelson via lyx-users wrote:
Speaking of which, I did run into a problem with the LyXHTML export
from LyX. The other HTML exports from LyX all include the output
contained in Tex Code insets, while the LyXHTML export does not.  This
creates a problem for using any kind of /lettrine or "initials"
functionality in your book, which is quite a problem.

What I did to fix the problem is include a configurable table in the
converter that automatically includes the starting text for each
paragraph.  Anytime I would change the first words of a paragraph, I
would have to make a change in the converter's configuration file,
changing the text there also.  This is obviously extremely hacky, but
it does get the job done.  If only the LyX team would fix the LyXHTML
export so it includes any text in a Tex Code block, ideally executing
the Tex Code so it properly adjusts the text size, that would be
ideal.  The regular HTML export does this, so it should be easy to
just port that code over to the LyXHTML export.  At least, one would
hope so.

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