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Is LyX only good for writing books, then?

  Nope. I write letters, articles, reports, and presentations using LyX. Of
course, I did use it to write my book (using Springer's monograph class) and
that's where I really learned LaTeX, too. As I needed the information to do
what I or my editor wanted.

I am currently an OOo Writer user. I am always frustrated with styles and
I wish that I could just edit the source of the document like I edit HTML.
In fact, I have often considered just using HTML but it does not translate
well to PDF, and there is no good equations editing capability.

  Learn LyX. Back a decade or so ago when I first started, it took me about
a half-hour to work through the tutorial. Then I started writing using this
tool rather than the word processor. As I came across needs not covered in
the tutorial I looked at the two docs under the 'help' menu and, as a last
resort, asked on this mail list. Bit-by-bit my knowledge of LaTeX increased
and I became much more efficient in my writing.

  A friend of mine had been writing in plain TeX (probably still is) when I
raved about LyX to him as soon as I completed the turorial. He had spent two
weeks writing his daughter's resume in plain TeX and asked if I could -- as
a complete newcomer -- reproduce the output using LyX. A day later I sent
him the results with the .lyx file. He was suitably impressed, but still
stuck with plain TeX. (Of course, his OS was Emacs, and he rarely used a GUI
except under employer duress.)

I understood from the /. post that LyX would let me work with a document,
and edit the source where I see necessary. Is this not so?

  Yup. The 'source' is plain text with markup tags.

Although I have invested in learning a bit of PHP, a bit of C, a bit of
HTML/CSS, etc, I don't have the resources at the moment to spend more than
a few hours learning a new tool. And full LaTeX will take more than a few
good hours

  Which is why you should work through the LyX tutorial right away. It's not
a programming language (although it can be used that way.) There was an
interesting blog to which I was referred by my business partner that
detailed how a Premier Geek wrote code to control a Martian Lander robot
using only TeX. It worked.


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