I'm a Lyx user who experienced the autosave crashing issue on Snow Leopard. Based on what I've read in this mailing list and in other user reports, I've built the source available here


manually disabling HAVE_FORK, and then I've used this custom build without experiencing any crash. I'm sharing the binary in case somebody finds it useful:


I'm not involved in any Lyx development and I've never built Lyx before, so this is absolutely not intended as the best or official way to solve the problem: if this binary works for you, consider it a quick-and-dirty workaround until an official new version is released. Also, if you experience any issues with this binary please share them here.

The binary was built on Leopard (10.5), but it seems to work fine on SL. I can provide detailed building instructions if someone is interested.

The binary is Intel only (as this is just intended as a Snow Leopard fix).

Of course, it is released under the usual Lyx license:

Ludovico Rossi

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