On my system have I installed texlive-lang-lithuanian package and I have
on my machine lithuanian.ldf file (It is placed
on /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/lithuanian/lithuanian.ldf , so
told me Synaptic).
I have tried to do this things like set Document>Settings>Language
Lithuanian and without other 
\usepackage{lit...} in the preamble, either to set utf8x. Errors exists.
I can not write Lithuanian texts.
If I use English in settings, I can write this letters - ąčęėįšųūž, LyX
compiles document very well, but Figure is Figure, Part is Part, and I
can not change to right words.
Now I have attached my LyX file : newfile1.lyx with text. Try to set
Lithuanian language and compile.

Re: LyX and Lithuanian language
Guenter Milde
Wed, 01 Dec 2010 04:15:01 -0800

On 2010-12-01, Egidijus Kamarauskas wrote:

> Hallo all  LyX users.
> Sorry for my bad English.
> I have some trouble with LyX and my native laanguage. When I use LyX (on
> Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, standart package, LyX version 1.6.5), I cannot use a
> Lithuanian abbrevations, like Part (Dalis), Fig. (Pav.).
> I have installed a littex package, but it's still unable to write texts
> in Lithuanian language.

I don't know whether littex helps -- do you mean a Debian/Ubuntu
package or a LaTeX package (littex.sty). LyX relies on the multilingual
"babel" package. You need to have a file "lithuanian.ldf". In Debian,
it comes with both, "littex" and "texlive-lang-lithuanian".

> When i try to set in preferences 'Lithuanian', and encoding to a
> language default, LyX shows a error - Keyborad character used is
> undefined. You need to provide a definition with \DeclareInputText 

> or \DeclareInputMath before using this key.

> When I try to set encoding to a "UTF8" (Unicode), and leave Lithuanian
> Language - LyX shows error - Encoding scheme L7x unknown.

> My big question is - how muss I set LyX to, that It were possible to
> write texts in Lithuanian language, and after compilation in PDF were
> not Figure, but Paveikslėlis, Not Part I, but Dalis I? And how mus I set
> LyX to handle correctly UTF8 and Lithuanian language?

Try with Document>Settings>Language Lithuanian and without other 
\usepackage{lit...} in the preamble.

The "ASCII" encoding should work. You might also try with utf8x.

> I have attatched a archive with LyX screenshots due to ilustrate a my
> problem.

Better attach a LyX file so we can experiment.


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