Am 01.12.2010 10:48, schrieb Egidijus Kamarauskas:

I have some trouble with LyX and my native laanguage. When I use LyX (on
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, standart package, LyX version 1.6.5), I cannot use a
Lithuanian abbrevations, like Part (Dalis), Fig. (Pav.).
I have installed a littex package, but it's still unable to write texts
in Lithuanian language.

You only need the LaTeX-package "lithuanian". And must not have installed the package "littex"!
I have set up a Wiki page explaining how to set up LyX for Lithuanian:

The info there also apply for TeXLive (e.g. on Linux).

When i try to set in preferences 'Lithuanian', and encoding to a
language default, LyX shows a error - Keyborad character used is

It only works if you are using the default encoding in LyX's document setting. (This will be the encoding "ISO 8859-13"). Your problem is that you have the LaTeX-package "littex" installed which overwrites the encoding settings. So uninstalling "littex" and installing "lithuanian" should solve the problem.

regards Uwe

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