Am 01.12.2010 20:50, schrieb Egidijus Kamarauskas:

It seems to not work for me.
I have attached a newfile3.lyx with my text and a screenshot with

I can verify the problem and found the reason: in the latest version if the lithuanian package one needs to use the font encoding "L7x". and une _must_not_ use the encoding ISO 8859-13 but uft8x.

In the attached file I used this encoding. To change the font encoding, you must open LyX's preverences and replace "T1" with "L7x" in the field "TeX encoding" that you find under Output->LaTeX.
Do you now get a PDF output?

If yes, I'll make utf8x the default encoding for Lithuanian for the next LyX 

(That one need to set the font encoding in the LyX preferences instead of the document settings is a bug that will be fixed in the upcoming LyX 2.0.)

regards Uwe

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