Guenter Milde <> írta:
>On 2013-03-13, Csikos Bela wrote:
>> Hello:
>> How can I edit text written in math mode in lyx?
>> An example: I write a fraction using \textrm for both
>> the numerator and the denominator. Then I decide to
>> change these to sans serif (textsf). How can I apply
>> the change to the fraction's numerator and denominator?
>> (ie. change the code \textrm to \textsf)?
>Third method: 
>* select and cut the fraction
>* paste into text - will appear as LaTeX macros
>* edit
>* cut and paste back to the formula
>This also works for complete formulas. Then, alternatively, you can select
>the LaTeX-macros-text and convert to a math box via Ctrl-M (or Alt-M D for a
>display formula).

Gunter, Paul, Richard:

Thank you. All three methods work, but I prefer #2 and #3 over #1.


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