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This sounds like a not very hard feature to implement, maybe without
touching C++ even. So why don't you implement this yourself and propose a
patch? There are not many active developers these days so LyX users must
participate to the development if they want to see LyX evolve.

+1. See the link below for a start. One of the solutions does
basically what you suggest but using shortcuts.



This saves my day, actually I have no idea that LyX can actually can copy in rendered math mode and paste outside it as TeX code and then go backwards.

The solution I prefer is then manually select your equation inside math mode, cut and paste outside math mode (it will be displayed as TeX code). These can be automated by the shortcut: command-sequence char-forward; line-end-select ; cut; char-backward; paste; char-delete-forward. hen you finish to edit select the whole code and press ctrl+m. Voilá, Everything goes as expected.

So thankyou very much Scott for pointing me in the right direction.


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