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Third method:

* select and cut the fraction
* paste into text - will appear as LaTeX macros
* edit
* cut and paste back to the formula

This also works for complete formulas. Then, alternatively, you can select
the LaTeX-macros-text and convert to a math box via Ctrl-M (or Alt-M D for a
display formula).


Isn´t there a better way to do this inside LyX?
I think this is a good feature request for developers, is not that hard to put a button inside the math environment that switches between TeX and rendered math mode, and when exited you see only rendered. I don´t know if I am making myself clear, so I will explain this a little more.

1 Enter in math mode and add some equation/whatever.
2 Now I want to add some TeX code directly or edit what I have introduced, so I press the (requested) switch button and I could see all in TeX code. 3 I edit the TeX code and when finished press the switch button again (or just leave math mode), the result should be the new rendered equation/whatever I have edited.

This feature would be great for middle to power users, off course one should only expect math code inside the math mode so it would be nice to clarify this in the manual if it is actually included.

I know I can do this in a ERT environment but then I need to copy to math but that´s not an optimal approach.



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