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I would really love to be able to conveniently edit the TeX code directly - I'd be vastly more productive. I find lyx gui editing - as all other math editors - to be terribly frustrating and unproductive. I used LaTeX since 1980s, and the lack of this is the only thing that makes me think twice before deciding to use
LyX instead of just using LaTeX.
I do understand this tendency, since I also came to LyX with a TeX background. Way back when LyX was young, Matthais set up the math-insets the way you would want them, and math was just written in what we now call ERT (Evil Red Text, a TeX inset. It's evil mostly because you have the usual problems that if your code is wrong, it won't produce any output and TeX will yell at you.). You can still do that if you want. Use a TeX inset rather than a math one, and it will work.

I always just write the TeX out (e.g, \alpha) inside the math inset, and it now is instantly changed to display correctly, which I still think is cool. If it doesn't change to a real display of the symbol, I know I made a mistake. Better than a spellchecker.

There are some things I hate to set up in TeX, like tables, matrices. Then, I use the menus. For me this is the best of both worlds.

If there is a way to display the raw TeX of a math inset, I suppose it would be useful in some circumstances. Maybe someone will point out how to do that, and then you can set that up to be automatic, maybe. Or you can just use ERT.

Attached there is a MWE of how to produce this forms in LyX (is in spanish but the idea remains for every language).

HTH, if anyone is so kind to translate this and upload to the wiki please be welcome
I might be able to take a crack at that, but not until after mid-April. If no one else volunteers, send it to me and I will take a look at it to see how much work it will be.


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