Scott Kostyshak wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 12:36 PM, David L. Johnson
> <> wrote:
>> On 03/20/2013 11:43 AM, Alex Vergara Gil wrote:
>>>> I would really love to be able to conveniently edit the TeX code directly
>>>> - I'd
>>>> be vastly more productive.  I find lyx gui editing - as all other math
>>>> editors -
>>>> to be terribly frustrating and unproductive.  I used LaTeX since 1980s,
>>>> and the
>>>> lack of this is the only thing that makes me think twice before deciding
>>>> to use
>>>> LyX instead of just using LaTeX.
>> I do understand this tendency, since I also came to LyX with a TeX
>> background.  Way back when LyX was young, Matthais set up the math-insets
>> the way you would want them, and math was just written in what we now call
>> ERT (Evil Red Text, a TeX inset.  It's evil mostly because you have the
>> usual problems that if your code is wrong, it won't produce any output and
>> TeX will yell at you.).  You can still do that if you want.  Use a TeX inset
>> rather than a math one, and it will work.
> Another way to scratch your (La)TeX itch is to use LyX's layouts. You
> can make your own environments and insets and you define the LaTeX
> that is behind all of those. For my use, I've found that if there's a
> customization that I just want once, ERT is great. If I find myself
> doing something many times, I am starting to consider making a module
> or adding to my local layout. See the customization manual for
> information on these options.
> Scott

My usual route is to \C-m, start entering (maybe using \tex stuff, very nice).  
Problem arises if I made a mistake and then need to edit.  Then selecting and 
modifying via the gui is tedious and I usually wind up erasing accidentally 
large parts, and basically starting over.  This is where editing the underlying 
TeX would save trouble.

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