On 2014-06-10, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> 10/06/2014 13:49, Neal Becker:

>> The problem is triggered by my .bib entry, which includes a non-ascii
>> character:

>>    author =   {Wojciech Bruzda and Wojciech Tadej and Karol Życzkowski},

>> By playing with lyx Document/Settings/Encoding, selecting unicode
>> XeTeX (utf-8), I seem to be able to export dvi and then convert dvipdf
>> OK.

>> So is this a "good" procedure, or is something else recommended here?

> You should use the same encoding for your document and the LyX output 
> encoding. A workaround is to use LaTeX markup in the .bib file so that 
> it is compatible with any encoding.

I would recommend LaTeX markup (the "LICR encoding") as the most stable and
save way to represent non-ASCII characters in a *.bib file.

In the above case, it would be "Karol .{Z}yczkowski". 

Some BibTeX-Managers allow to determine the encoding of the bib file and
will do the conversion for you.

Also LyX (usually)¹ does a good job in converting Unicode to the TeX "LICR
encoding" when you select Document>Settings>Language>Encoding: ASCII
Then you can paste/write "offending" entries into the main window and see
the translation in View>Source>LaTeX.


¹ Don't use the LyX translation for Greek and Cyrillic script, as this does
  not use LICR but hard-coded slots in a TeX font encoding. (I am working on
  a patch.)

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