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>> >> That is a fantastic point. Also I just found this.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> I don't know enough about Lyx to start programing stuff for it yet but
>> it
>> >> seems like pushing biber and biblatex as the default is about 15 years
>> >> overdue. If someone who knows far more about the Lyx codebase can ping
>> me
>> >> or if this would be a great feature request, I would be willing to spend
>> >> some time on this. I ran into very similar problem with a name much like
>> >> Jürgen and I lost a few days trying to figure it out.
>> >>
>> >>
>> > Hi Benedict,
>> >
>> > I think most developers (of which I am not one) agree that full biblatex
>> > support would be desirable. However, from what I understand, adding such
>> > support is not an entirely trivial task, partly because biblatex/biber
>> > interact with latex in a very different way from bibtex. That does not
>> mean
>> > you are not welcome to give it a try. In fact, you strongly encouraged to
>> > do so! There were some discussions of this topic on the lyx-devel list a
>> > few months ago. You may want to search for those threads to get started.
>> >
>> > I also tend to believe that one of the reasons why biblatex support does
>> > not have a very high priority on the developers' agenda is that the
>> current
>> > workaround (described in the wiki page you referred to) is good enough
>> for
>> > a lot of users. It has certainly been good enough for me for a number of
>> > years. I switched to biblatex/biber to get full unicode support and avoid
>> > the kind of time-consuming issues discussed in this thread. Once you get
>> > used to loading biblatex in the preamble (and adding a fake bibtex inset
>> at
>> > the end) it is smooth sailing. If you tend to work with the same bib
>> files
>> > all the time (as I do), you may even create a lyx template with the
>> proper
>> > preamble and bibtex inset and you are done.
>> >
>> > Cheers,
>> > Stefano
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> Following the wiki instructions doesn't quite work for me.
>> 1. It seems to fail to run biber.  All refs are undefined, and no
>> bibliography
>> is output.
>> If I export lyx->tex and run lualatex, it asks me to run biber.  After
>> manually
>> running biber, then the bibliography is output.
> 1. I would first make sure that you have selected biber as you
> bibbliography processor in
> Document>>Settings>>Bibliography>>Processor  (from the drop-down menu
> choose "biber")
> 2. Second, make sure that biber can actually find your bib files. Look in
> the biber log for an appropriate message (Document>>LaTeX Log, then select
> bibtex from the dropdown menu). do you see a message from biber to the
> effect that one or more bib files could not be found?
> Notice that biblatex requires you to specify the .bib extension in the
> \addbibresource command in the preamble. ANd notice that you need to insert
> the absolute path to the bib file (in the same command).
> 3. If biber is selected, and still it is not run by LyX during pdf
> generation, I would check what LyX acutally does during such generation.
> Choose View>>Messages Pane then click on the "settings" vertical tab in the
> right, choose the "selected" radio button, and then in the rightmost pane
> ("Debug level") double click "LaTeX generation/execution."
> Then visualize the pdf file as usual and look at which kind of messages you
> get.
> Get back to us with the info you get and we'll take it further.
>> 2. But, in IEEE style, with bibtex, the bib entries use a smaller font,
>> But not
>> with biblatex - they seem to use the standard font used in the main
>> material.
> biblatex has a gazillion of options, I am sure there must be one somewhere
> that does what you want. But as a quick hack, try the following in your
> preamble:
> \renewcommand{\bibfont}{\normalfont\small}
> Cheers,
> S.

1. Thanks!  I had forgotten to select biber as bib processor - now it's working

2. \renewcommand{\bibfont}{\normalfont\small} worked great!  Thanks again.  I 
looked for options, but nothing in
  I'll try contacting the author.

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