2014-06-12 0:53 GMT+02:00 Benedict Holland:

> I think this is a problem with the default configuration, at least on
> linux. You really need to use Bibtex8 for the bibliogrophy generation. This
> is NOT the default. The default is bibtex which doesn't have any unicode
> support because it actually was written in the 1980's. bibtex8 should
> really be the default by now on any system. Also the language support in
> lyx should default to utf-8. It would make life much easier to not have to
> change these around so much and avoid these sorts of bugs. I also should
> point out that pdflatex does an excellent job at catching these problems.
> XeTex I think uses utf-8 by default which is why it worked when you
> switched from pdflatex to XeTex.

Note that bibtex8 does not support unicode either (but only 8-bit
encodings, as the name implies). There is one experimental unicode version
of bibtex, bibtexu, but I do not think it works reliable enough already.

For real unicode support, you must use biblatex with biber.


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