Kaleb C. Striplin wrote:
when I first read this just now I though marshall was switching to amsoil!!!!

Amsoil sells real good oil. Mobil supplies them with the raw oil and they concoct the additive package. The tribologists at Mobil say the additive package is really great for some special situations (like racing and other severe operating situations). There is NO evidence that the additive package that Amsoil uses is of ANY benefit under more normal operating conditions and the longevity of Amsoil (or Mobil 1) is of no value in a Mercedes diesel since the oil must be changed to get rid of the soot LONG before the oil or additives wear out. When you can get Amsoil for the same price as Mobil 1, I see NO problem using it, but if it costs more, go with Mobil!

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