Having worked at a big 10 school and an SEC school I totally agree and i
would abolish the NCAA.

We had "George Jefferson." He looked and sounded like George Jefferson on the "Movin on up" TV show. He real name was George. His last name was different but similar.

George's job was to pressure profs and TAs to make sure athaelites passed classes by any means (all condoned) and to make sure those of certain "equal" pigmentation passed classes and gragitated, using any means possible (also condoned)

Before I could gragitate with an advanced degree (debris?) i was forced to go in and get a signature from George Jefferson. It turned my stomach. It turned my stomach to have to go in there and look at this little being (not a man) and grovel for a signature. It was very difficult to not speak the truth and just grovel for the signature.


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