So I found the fuse chart in a paper that was folded up and tucked in the fuse box, it has the map for all the boxes in Deutsche, Anglis, and some other language. Found the ciggy lighter fuse, and of course there are no spare fuses and no fuse puller thingie. Had a 15A fuse in my toolbox so popped the old one out, it was fried, popped the new one in, now there is juice to the ciggy lighter phone charger thingie. Mama will be happy now. Unclear why she did not mention it to the dealer when she took the vehicle in for the A or B service or whatever it was on Friday week ago. Sigh.

The ones in the car are marked "S" as in 15S, is S the German for A? Did they have their own guy named Schultz or something who discovered current flow, and this is some sort of snub to M. Ampere? (Hey, Dieter, throw me a 15 Schultz fuse in there willya?)

I should probably go buy a coupla boxes of fuses and a little puller thingie to put in there so next time it blows I can tell her how to CHANGE YOUR FUSES!

BTW the service consisted mostly of a 10k mile checkup and filters (engine and cabin) change, maybe oil too I forgot to notice, which according to the dealer guy would have been like $900 but it was covered under the CPO or warranty we got or something. Another one is included, so after another 20k miles I guess I am going to have to do all that stuff (and buy myself a good bottle or 3 of whisky). She was ragging about why it is so expensive to do that stuff. I tried to explain but I was having a hard time convincing myself.

Will the DAS system cover this 2012 ML? Or is there something else like it? I should look into that if I am going to have to maintain this thing myself. I'm wondering too if the main computer in the thing talks to all that stuff and there might be some kind of special codes to get into it? That would make some kind of sense, at least some Merkin sense.



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