I had a final plumbing and gas line inspection yesterday, the inspector is a cool guy I like, he sorta looked at it for about 10 seconds and signed off, we chatted for another half hour and he recommended I do the rest of the work in the house without telling anyone about it. Turns out he also signed off on the final electrical inspection at the last visit, I don't recall that and was a little hesitant about it. He also suggested that this permit resets the clock another 6 months, so I should wait until next year for the final finals so the tax man doesn't screw me this year.

All that and no consultation from Mr. Johnny Walker... it's amazing how helpful all the inspectors have been and how demonstrating a bit of competence and cooperation works.


On 9/4/15 1:03 AM, Scott Ritchey via Mercedes wrote:
The whole thing probably cost $300 but folks in
rural NC aren't anal about licensed electricians for small jobs.


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