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On 2015-11-30, Tati Chevron <chev...@swabsit.com> wrote:
in my case, a USB stick would be actually useful for installing machines
-- unlike the CD sets (I haven't had a working optical drive in the last
5+ years). Any chance for 5.9?

I would buy an official release on USB or preferably sd card, if it
was on offer. Presumably the production costs would be less as well.

Cloning CDs from a master is something that can be farmed out
relatively easily. Writing an image to USB/SD, not so much, especially
when you're going to want that to be done securely.

To be honest, my original thought was of a masked rom packaged in a USB or
SD card device, not somebody manually writing standard flash drives with
an image.  However, I totally agree now that I had a momentary lapse into
the surreal, posting without thinking, and irritated Theo.  Sorry for the

And who is going to trust this? There's a significantly higher bar
to invisibly tampering with a pressed and printed CD than a USB stick.

Again, the original idea wasn't mine.  I commented on the thread, but in
my mind, I imagined receiving the install source on a medium that had the
same bar to tampering as a CD, such as masked rom.  I wasn't thinking of
a standard USB flash device with a glued write-protect switch.  My original
post was a mixture of various thoughts that shouldn't really have been posted
without further consideration.

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