> Em 30-11-2015 19:03, Tati Chevron escreveu:
> > Again, the original idea wasn't mine.  I commented on the thread, but in
> > my mind, I imagined receiving the install source on a medium that had the
> > same bar to tampering as a CD, such as masked rom.  I wasn't thinking of
> > a standard USB flash device with a glued write-protect switch.  My
> > original
> > post was a mixture of various thoughts that shouldn't really have been
> > posted
> > without further consideration. 
>     I don't know if most people are aware of this, but this has been
> discussed on this list many times. The income of CD sales are what "kind
> of" pays for Theo full time involvement with OpenBSD. I say "kind of"
> because sales, as he already mentioned, are going down and down each
> release.

These days the CD revenue is about what a cashier at a store makes.

It seems to keep shrinking, but I will try to keep doing it unless it
nears zero; at which point the artwork will stop also.

I'm not doing any of this as a business.  I believe the research and
development that happens within OpenBSD is very important.  That's why
I continue doing this.

I cannot help but be insulted to the core when random 'people on the
internet' selfishly or unthinkingly misunderstand the focus of OpenBSD
as a R&D project, and recommend an even more broken business plan
which nobody needs or wants.  Frankly, it ruins my day.

For the time, I affffm on a small bursary as well from some people who
understand the importance, otherwise I'd be looking for a cashier job.

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