> The good news if any, is that Gifts are tax free in Canada, so that part
> is helpful and users should fell they get more out of their money freely
> given as a gift.
> http://www.taxtips.ca/personaltax/giftsandinheritances.htm

Correct, but be careful it will not be interpreted later as a non-gift.

> Now to be clear Theo, are donation via the paypal on the donations page
> are directly to you and you can do as you see fit, and/or only checks
> would be best?

Correct, as I see fit.  I try to use it for the Project for things the
Foundation doesn't fund.  I declared it that way on the web site.  I
have not used it much for my own needs.

Please don't assume that a lot arrives in that account.  It seems most
contributions are towards the OpenBSD Foundation.

> I know that was discuss a few times on this list, just try to be clear
> as it is now, and I can setup paypal and do recurring gifts to
> compensate some for the sad CD sales reduction and if so, I sure would
> encourage users to do the same so that you can continue to do what you
> love and what we all benefit from obviously!

Thanks.  I feel there have been too many attempts at rebooting this model
every few years and it isn't going to work out long term.

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