Ethan, that's just the difference between Decimation-in-Frequency FFT and 
Decimation-in-Time FFT.
i guess i am not entirely certainly of the history, but i credited both the DIT 
and DIF FFT to Cooley and Tukey.� that might be an incorrect historical 

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> It's not exactly Cooley-Tukey. In Cooley-Tukey you take two _interleaved_

> DFT's (that is, the DFT of the even-numbered samples and the DFT of the

> odd-numbered samples) and combine them into one longer DFT. But here you're

> talking about taking two _consecutive_ DFT's. I don't think there's any

> cheap way to combine these to exactly recover an individual bin of the

> longer DFT.


> Of course it's possible you'll be able to come up with a clever frequency

> estimator using this information. I'm just saying it won't be exact in the

> way Cooley-Tukey is.


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