eBay's Global Shipping Program is just terrible. I purchase stuff from the 
U.S. all the time (I'm in Croatia) and it's typically marked as 
"International Priority Shipping By GSP" in the description.

1. I'm not sure what "priority" means because it first has to go trough the 
whole U.S.A. to arrive in Erlanger, KY. After that, it's shipped to the 
U.K., which is followed by Germany where it's taken by some commercial 
shipping provider (GLS, DPD) and transferred to Croatia. I should mention 
that, once it reaches Europe, all further transfer of the item is done by 
trucks, not by plane which is kinda strange for something called 
"priority"? Anyway, shipping times are terrible, a typical USPS First Class 
Intl Mail arrived at the same time, if not sooner.

2. The shipping costs are just ridiculous, as somebody mentioned earlier, 
shipping typically makes around 50% of the total price I pay for the items 
shipped by GSP.

3. They claim to act as a "customs broker" for you and charge you with 
customs fees in advance. I believe this is a pure scam since there has 
never been any evidence that Croatian Customs Service received any money 
for my incoming packages (they always need to provide you an invoice of the 
customs procedure when importing goods, it's give to you along with the 
package). What I believe is that they illegally accept packages in the U.K. 
(they don't have to report them to customs there because they're intended 
to continue their journey to the destination country - Croatia), they then 
relabel them as if they're coming from the U.K. (no customs fees in the 
European Union) and transfer freely to the destination and customs never 
even realizes the true origin of the package, so they make 100% profit on 
the "calculated import costs".

All in all, it seems they provide the lowest and cheapest possible service 
so they can take most of the money for themselves which has been bad news 
for the international customers since the day it was introduced.

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