I've had a lot of problems with GSP over the last few years, similar what 
other people describe here but it gets nasty when they loose objects in the 
shipment along the way, not the whole shipment but probably when someone 
forgets to put all things back when they open the package for inspection 
(stealing?) or if they destroy something while checking it - they don't 
take any responsibility at all for that and neither do they reimburse you 
for missing or damaged items. In all cases they claimed that the items were 
all there when they shipped it and that they weren't damaged, needless to 
say they could never prove that with photos or documentation. Even if I 
could prove that things were missing or had been damaged before reaching 
later shipping destinations like the Swedish Customs they wouldn't take any 
responsibility at all - no matter what their policies state. I've lost part 
of shipments since the GPS people didn't tape the packages shut after their 
inspection so things fell out during the later transports.

So every time I look at an auction I always ask if it is possible with 
direct shipping, with tracking and insurance, as that is cheaper and also 
works a lot better without any problems like with the GPS and things arrive 
a lot faster.

I don't mind paying shipping costs as long as they are reasonable for what 
is offered in terms of insurance, tracking and speed when delivering but 
the costs for GPS and the poor service is ridiculous.

Ebay has become a worse place to sell and buy from over the last few years 
after some of their changes, fortunately the sellers and buyers haven't 
changed as much, you can always talk with people and usually you can come 
to a good agreement after explaining the facts, but sometimes there are 
people who just won't understand that Ebay isn't infallible when it comes 
to how their listings work with shipping and other details.

Cheap shipping costs from China is not a good thing if you buy something 
valuable that gets lost or damaged as those cheap shipments aren't usually 
insured, good sellers will ship you a new item if they can but some won't. 
I've been bitten by low shipping costs from China, and other countries too, 
and have had to use Ebay buyers protection or Paypal to get my money back 
as the shipping wasn't insured fully but it is a tedious process even if it 
usually works out well.


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