I have two anecdotes to add here.... 

First, I recently listed a CRT monitor on there, a fairly classic 
collectable analog input retro desktop one such as you would use on an 
amiga or vic 20 (or a games console etc). It sold quickly, via Buy It Now, 
for £150. It was going to be a pain to ship, so I had quoted £20 UK and £40 
for a couple of European countries that I knew were reasonable to ship to. 
They buyers address came through as a USA account - before a buyer pays 
their address you see as a seller is the account registered address. I 
received no contact from the buyer but got quotes in and sent an invoice 
for £98 shipping (it was around that for the weight, with a bit left over 
for the ludicrous packing needed). 

The buyer paid, still no contact, but now their shipping address specified 
in their paypal account had taken over and ebay was demanding I ship to 
that one - In South Korea!

Quotes were nearly £300 for shipping alone. 3 emails, 12 days and still no 
contact later I ended up pushing the cancel button. It will of cost me a 
couple of quid in fees but I am sure they would of spoken out eventually, 
probably via eBays "resolve a problem"...

The second is around GSP, which I am very fond of as a seller. eBay often 
quotes a buyer a price via GSP without asking or knowing the weight from 
me. This means often something I ask £8 for UK 10-15kg postage gets quoted 
to European buyers as about £18, which is often far cheaper than I can do 
it for. Plus, as long as it pings in at the UK place, ebay then take over 
and you are resolved of any problems with it getting lost in the post (plus 
you assume that it wont get bounced or held in a sorting office because 
they are out at the pub etc). I once had someone buy something off me via 
GSP and then buy a load more via eMail, the shipping cost was the same to 
me domestically but it more than doubled the weight, so I would bet the 
international shipping would of been much more if I had been picking up the 

I did not know they actually opened stuff though, most of my stuff is 
wrapped up in triplicate layers so that must keep them busy!

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