Hello guys hope someone on here can help me.  I bought a 1985 honda cb650sc 
for 300 dollars last year that had been sitting on someone's lawn for three 
years.  Bike started no problem when i got it home but leaked fuel 
profusely out of the bottom of the carb bowls.  I took the bowls apart and 
fixed the leak but like a true amateur I forgot how the hoses were run.  
When i say hoses I mean all the hoses.  Can anyone tell me beyond a 
reasonable doubt how they are all supposed to be run.  Currently the hose 
that comes off the crankcase is run to the charcoal canister and that is 
about it.  There is another spot of on the canister for another tube that 
is missing. Also there is a nipple on the bottom of the air box that 
doesn't have a hose run to it.  As well as the overflow t's between the 1 
and 2 carb and 3 and 4 are not run to anything.  Ive looked up lots of 
information and seen pictures but nothing that definitively tells how they 
are run. I know these old bikes can be finicky and best left stock and that 
is how I would like to keep mine.  Running the bike without touching 
anything and leaking carbs I could easily cruise at 80-100 mph now the bike 
gets up to about 60 mph and bogs out.  Other than that I have no other 
issues starts easily warms up idles etc.  Im thinking either I messed with 
important hoses or the large amount of jb weld I put in the float bowl 
housing to keep it from leaking disrupted the tune and it won't run right 
until I buy ones in better condition.  Any help would be greatly 
appreciated I want to get the most out of the bike this upcoming riding 

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