Am 24.06.2004 um 21:34 schrieb Idris Samawi Hamid:
Question: in what context (no pun intended) do you use InDesign? Where is ConTeXt not so applicable?

My main work (at home) is a bimonthly magazine ("unitarische blätter" for german unitarian religious fellowship); I know Hans (and perhaps some others) could do it with ConTeXt, but not me; I prefer to work "visible" if I use a lot of pictures and a non-scriptable layout.

Further I use it as text processor for letters etc., but therefore
I ever wanted to make a ConTeXt environment.

At work (a daily newspaper) we use InDesign for all the ads - that is,
I work there as a programmer and sysadmin, so I don't really work with
InDesign but only test its PostScript code or PDFs. (Today I recognized
that it always writes OPI comments for TIFFs and never for EPS,
independent from your output options; further it can't separate duplex
EPS from PhotoShop, only DCS...)

Sorry for being OT.

At work I use ConTeXt for presentations (e.g. Acrobat tutorial) and
flowcharts. At home for books, my address book, my ConTeXt tutorial
and some small stuff.

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