Am 23.06.2004 um 17:09 schrieb Patrick Gundlach:
Talking about a sourceforge project. I guess that Hans would still
keep his ConTeXt distribution private (at PRAGMA ADE [btw. what is
the correct way to write your company's name?]) and not care very
much about any other SF project (as long as it does not get into his
way), but would be very reluctant giving support for the different
project. Once an tool is necessary for your everyday work, it is a
bad thing to give it out of your control.

And don't forget all the problems of SF - slow, overcrowded servers etc.
It would be very unconvenient for Hans - and as we know he has enough work.

And, Maurice, remember: Is there any complete LaTeX manual?
No, there isn't - there are lots of books on different levels,
most of them keep errors or describe old or obsolete packages or
And every package has its own docs that you should read - some
are books itself (e.g. komascript).

So there's a lot more in the "basic" ConTeXt manual than in most
LaTeX books! Sure, it could always be more & better...
I agree that the whole plethora of single docs isn't really
overviewable. But otherwise they're a nice demonstration of
ConTeXt's capabilities - and I guess Hans meant them to be.

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